Athens – Mykonos 2 days & 1 night

This cruise combines isolated beaches with crystal clear waters for swimming and water sports, archeological sites and cosmopolitan places. We leave from Athens to cruise through the Saronic and Western Cyclades where we stop at some amazing places for swimming and lunch and continue towards Mykonos where we disembark.

Trip summary:

From Athens (Kalamaki) to Mykonos and back to Athens (kalamaki),

embarkation day 1 at 9:00am, disembark  day 2 at 21:00

Trip details:

Athens – Sounio  (1 hour)

We anchor just bellow the temple of Poseidon to get our breakfast and have a morning swim

Sounio – Kea  (1 hour)

Stop for 3-4 hours at the isolated bay of kaliskia (Kea) to do some water sports and have lunch on board

Kea  – Kolona (Kithnos)  (45min)

Cruise to the perfectly protected bay of Colona on the island of Kithnos where there is time for an afternoon swim, then dinner at the local tavern and sleep.

Kea – Delos (2 hours)

Leave Kea after breakfast and morning swim and cruise next to the island of Syros to arrive at Delos around 12:00 for a 1-2h tour at the archeological site.

Delos – Reinia (10min)

Stop at the magnificent isolated island of Reinia with the amazing turquoise waters for a few hours of swimming, jet ski, water sports and lunch on board

Reinia – Mykonos (30min)

Leave Reinia late afternoon to catch the sunset next to the old town of Mykonos and then disembark at the port


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