Mykonos – Mylos – Polyegos – Folegandros – Sikinos – Antiparos – Rhenia – Mykonos 3 to 5 days and nights

Trip Summary:

Day 1
Embarkation in the morning. Breakfast at Rhenia (25min cruise), get to know each other, morning swim, discuss itinerary and arrange cabins. Then cruise to Mylos (Sarakiniko) where we stop for a couple of hours for swim and have a light lunch prepared by the crew. Then cruise to Kleftiko (40min). On our way there, quick stop at Sikia cave(!). At Kleftiko, find the perfect spot for the night, afternoon or night swim. The crew will prepare barbecue for dinner. Sleep.

Day 2
Breakfast, morning swim and exploration of the numerous caves at Kleftiko. The cruise to Polyegos (40 min) with the most amazing turquoise waters you will ever see. Food will be brought by the captain from a taverna at Kimolos. Spend the whole day there swimming, doing water sports, lunch, dinner, sleep….

Day 3
After breakfast and morning swim cruise to Folegandros (1 hour), at the bay of Agkali. Have lunch at the fish tavern with the amazing deep blue view. In the afternoon a taxi will pick you up from the dock to take you to Hora to visit, enjoy the sunset, have dinner, have a few drinks and back to the boat to spend the night.

Day 4
After breakfast and morning swim cruise to Sikinos (40min). This island in not touristic at all so you will get a taste of a pure traditional Greek island. Visits, swim, lunch, dinner sleep…

Day 5
After breakfast and morning swim, we cruise to Antiparos (1:30min). We go for watersports and cave exploration on the South of the island. Then lunch at captain Pipino. In the afternoon we cruise to Rhenia (2 hours) where we will have a light dinner prepared by the crew and sleep

Day 6
After breakfast we go for disembarkation at Ornos at 9am


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